Why is cotton the best choice fibre for luxury bedding, duvet covers and bedspreads?

Why is cotton the best choice fibre for luxury bedding, duvet covers and bedspreads?

Cotton is a natural fibre and as such means that your luxury duvet cover or bedspread will be highly breathable compared to its synthetic counterparts. Cotton duvet covers combine great warmth, with the
ability to keep you fresh throughout the night even on balmy summer evenings.

High quality cotton bedding is also softer on the skin, is there any better feeling than slipping beneath a fresh quality cotton duvet cover and cotton bedspread, backed up by brushed cotton sheets and pillowcases?

Cotton bedding is also a must if you suffer from any skin sensitivity, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any itchiness while you get a good nights rest. Cotton bedding is also extremely durable and can last far longer than cheaper synthetic alternatives. A cotton duvet cover for example can
hold its colour far better and look great for longer and contrary to rumour it’s easier to maintain.

That’s why at Design Port Ireland we only stock fine quality, luxury cotton duvet covers, bedspreads and sheets, quite simply it’s the best, so don’t compromise on the luxury of cotton, as a friend of ours often
says “If you buy it cheap you generally end up buying it twice”

Another popular fabric is a cotton-polyester blend. Not only is it more affordable, but it is wrinkle-resistant and durable. But unlike pure cotton, it includes synthetic fibres which can leave you waking up feeling clammy and it is more likely to stain. Polyester can also irritate sensitive skin and attract static electricity.

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